Supporting wildlife conservation and the local community

Wildlife habitats are shrinking, which threatens Kenya’s rich biodiversity and stirs conflict between humans and wildlife.

We maintain community-based conservancies that foster a peaceful coexistence between humans, wildlife, and livestock. 

Efforts are supported through immersive residential and day programmes at TWF Centre, ideal for student groups.

Conservation Strategies

The Wildlife Foundation (TWF) is dedicated to conserving Kenya’s wildlife dispersal areas.

Conservation programmes include:

Group Programmes

TWF hosts groups at the TWF Centre on the Naretunoi Community Conservancy to teach the importance of conserving Kenya’s ecosystems. Earnings from their stay help sustain our conservation programmes.

The experience includes:

  • cultural exchange with local Maasai community;

  • installation of predator deterrent lights to prevent human-wildlife conflict;

  • guided nature walks and camera traps placement to track wildlife.