The Nairobi National park has been facing a number of threats in recent years, when
the park first opened only Nairobi city itself was the only physical barrier that
diverted what was a northward migration towards the Aberdare range and the foot
of Mount Kenya, the erection of fences along the northern perimeter closed that
route. Even with this fencing and eventual loss of a migration route the animals of
Nairobi National park still had another option the south side which allowed the
animals to move freely out of the park.

The availability of a Migration route for the animals of the park is of great
importance for various reasons, the Nairobi national park is home to over forty
lions, Lions are very territorial and need space and the ability to move about without
interfering with other lions territories, the migration of the park animals also
prevents interbreeding and allows for the animals more specifically the herbivores to
find greener pastures during the dry season, keeping the south side unfenced and
undeveloped is what keeps all these paramount movements possible

The south side is facing a great threat from the housing industry and a number of
farmers encroaching on the land if this were to go on it would lead to the eventual
loss of all migration routes for the Nairobi national park migratory animals turning
Nairobi National park into a zoo which would be a devastating loss for Kenya being the
only country with a park right in its city. we would stand to loose as a country a
major economic resource


Laika Mbagathi

Student Intern

The Wildlife Foundation